Understanding REST in SharePoint in 2010 and 2013

One very important technology interface that is widely used in SharePoint is called REST,

or Representational State Transfer. By providing access to SharePoint lists and libraries, a developer can find many useful ways to make pages more dynamic.

First, the REST interface in SharePoint gathers data from lists and items by using HTTP resources that can be accessed by using remote URLs.

Remember the GET and POST verbs? Well now a few more verbs have been added so operations in SharePoint REST interface include CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE (C.R.U.D.). Client-server layers are tighter so other applications from different platforms can easily connect to SharePoint list and libraries. REST also offers developers integrations with ADO.NET Data Services.

Using a specific URL (see below), a developer can query data in browser window and display information from the SharePoint Foundation as XML. REST supports JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). So using REST queries, a developer can retrieve list data in XML format.



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